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Respectful of the tradition.
Divano di pelle
It was “invented” about the end of nineteenth century, with slightly different formulas than the actual one, when wine-producers used to add to a small selection of Barolo an alcoholic infusion prepared with herbs and spices and with a basis of cinchona calisaya.

The alcoholic strength isn’t very high (16% vol.) so it’s an enjoyable product, round, pleasant and velvety, with its great sweet and bitter harmony.

The scent is complex and very intense and it has certain digestive properties.
With a sprinkling of soda-water can be proposed as an excellent aperitif but is mainly proposed straight at the end of the meal, as a meditation wine. We also notice it’s agreeable combination with cocoa confectionery and chocolate.

The production is very limited because the Barolo Chinato is an ideal liquor speciality that conquer the palates of the most particular and refined consumers.
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Brûlé means burnt, cooked. Indeed to find a warm sip in cool evenings during the winter, our grandparents used to warm a red wine adding spices to it with the aromatic herbs offered the nature.

With Brûlé Sargentin we want to go back in the time and bring back this
old tradition.

We refined the original formula using a fine piedmontese red wine (Nebbiolo DOC) adding to it a delicate infusion based with cloves, nutmeg, cinchona calisaya, orange, and other spices.

Our Brûlé is ready. Hot with some lemon bark it becomes the ideal drink to warm up our spirits, and, at room temperature, straight, will surprise you as a meditation wine to be savored with friends.
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Langamér, an aromatic wine, was born thanks to the intuition of joining
a century tradition and experience matured in the “Langa” land with a
passionate modern research.

It is the surprising union between the quality of a fine “Langa” wine, aged in barrel, and the properties of erbs and aromatic spices carefully selected and cleverly measured.

Langamér is an outstanding substitute of the traditional bitters and digestive liquors thanks to its particularly digestive properties and moderate alcoholic contents (17% vol). Enjoy its taste in a stem glass for important wines, room temperature and without soda sprinkling. It will generate a pleasant, elegant, harmonic and persistent taste as well as an appetizing and delicated scent of spices.

The novelty of this aromatic wine will conquer the most refined palates that appreciate the fine balance between bitter and spiced, strength and delicacy.
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“Bastianin” is the latest product born. We tried to complete our range of red with a white wine of character.

Always faithful to the traditions of the Langa, we chose to combine Arneis from the hills around with our most important aromatization.

Arneis, already very fruity and soft, is a perfect combination with the infusion of Barolo Chinato, ideal pairing with cheeses and structured
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Bottiglia di BRUT Metodo Classico Sargentin

Brut Metodo Classico

This is our bubbly which reflects our existing range of spiced and infused wines.

We wanted to give our new wine a unique taste by infusing a Barolo Chinato extract. Our base is made up of 70% Chardonnay and 30% Pinot Noir, bottle-aged for 24 months.

This distinctive liqueur imparts an original taste and aroma for a bubbly wine, and this is what we were looking for.

We, of the Sargentin Family, are pleased with our result. So now, more importantly, let's see if our tastes are shared.
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